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Donations to the project are always needed and are very
much appreciated. You may donate in several ways.

Blue Creek - Ah Pah is a project of Northern California Cultural Communications

Donate Online

Click here to make a donation online with your credit card or PayPal account

Mail a Check

Make your check payable to Blue Creek - Ah Pah Village and mail to:

Blue Creek - Ah Pah Village
P.O. Box 314
Orick, CA 95555

Donate material

The project needs all sorts of materials including:

  • Old growth Redwood for building traditional Yurok canoes and splitting for plank house construction.
  • Lumber and hardware for village support buildings.
  • Plumbing and water system supplies for restrooms.
  • Concrete for restroom and other building pads.
  • Native seeds - especially for traditional basket-making material.
  • Alternative energy - photovoltaic cells, wind generators, deep cycle batteries, inverters, small hydro generators, wiring - in short we need anything and everything related to making the village energy self-sufficient.

Donate equipment

  • Grounds equipment - riding lawnmower, mulcher and tools.
  • Digital LCD projector for presentations.


Contact Willard Carlson Jr. at 707-954-8833 for volunteer opportunities and/or to make a donation.

Learn more about donating to the project and volunteer opportunities

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Blog Updates

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You can help us build the village. Click here for more information.
Blue Creek - Ah Pah is a project of Northern California Cultural Communications.
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