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Supporters & Volunteers

Reviving The Old Ways_BlueCreek AhPah Traditional Village from Thomas B. Dunklin on Vimeo.

Willard Carlson, Jr. - Resident Project Leader / Village Keeper / Principle Organizer

Marguerite Carlson - Spiritual Leader / Keeper of the Fire

David Frye - Village Keeper / Keeper of the trail

Will Bear Carlson - Family Volunteer Support

Mike Carlson - Family Volunteer Support

Chantz Merrell - Family Volunteer Support

Per-gish Carlson - Family Volunteer Support

Matt Frye - Family Volunteer Support

David Gensaw - Cultural Consultant

Cynthia Monges - Volunteer

Rhoby Cook - Project Director Northern California Cultural Communications

David Tripp - Director Hoopa/Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation

George Wilson - Volunteer / Artist / Forest Management

Merkie Oliver - Mentor / Elder

John Lynch - Hoopa / Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation

Chag Lowry - Program Officer Native Cultures Fund

Dave Sevrens - Volunteer / Cultural Activist

Terry Supahan - Private Consultant

Dale Ann Frye-Sherman - Cultural Consultant / Designer

Marlon Sherman - Consultant

Linda Roberts - Cultural Consultant / Keeper

Francine Lewis - Hoopa/Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation

Colette Colegrove - Hoopa/Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation

Michael Ward - Supporter

Arny Nova - Tribal Fisheries

Norman (Ross) Burgess - Grizzly Mountain Ranch

Gary Perkins - Volunteer / Forest Management

Nixson Hall - Volunteer Landscape

Patricia Frye-Adkins & Shawn Adkins - Volunteers

Wanda Lincoln-Big Pond - Volunteer

Kevin Mckiernan - Journalist / Filmmaker / Author / Speaker

Phillip Tripp - Web Graphics / Promotion

Phillip Tripp - Web Graphics / Promotion

Mike Meuser - Photographer / Videographer / Webmaster /Mapmaker

Heidi Meuser - Volunteer

Reggie Hendrickson - Volunteer Equipment Operator

Brian Craig - Volunteer Equipment Operator

Paul Kouska - Cultural Keeper

Gene Brundin - Film Crew

Thomas Dunklin - Videographer / Photographer

Humboldt State University Student Volunteers

  • Fernando Paz
  • Gustavo Sanchez
  • Jason Bervmen
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Ajay Talam
  • Marcelino Guel
  • Adriana De Leon-Topete
  • Jazmin Morales
  • Serrina Aguirro
  • Marta Alcaraz

Keg Super - Arborist

Scruffer Rickaby - Arborist

Talas Proctor - Vehicle Removal

Jack Scott - Vehicle Removal

Gordon McCovy - Volunteer Landscaping

Clyde Johnson - Multi media consultant / Instructor College of the Redwoods

Ken Magnusen - Photo Manipulation Consultant / Instructor College of the Redwoods

Judith Marasco - Supporter / Cultural Keeper

Wendy Kull - Freelance Writer

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Blog Updates

News of Note: Family and Friends

Photos: Brush Dance Pit and Site Work 2010.

Yurok students learn to build the Brush Dance Pit.

The Original Patriots by Chag Lowry.

Victoria & Per-Gish Carlson - Blue Creek Guide Service.

Seafha Blount - Miss Native American, University of Arizona.


Northern California Indian Development Council

Humboldt Area Foundation

Northern California Cultural Communications

Native Cultures Fund

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Yurok Elder Wisdom Preservation Project

Yurok Voices

Blue Creek Guide Service


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